Verbatim Vi500 2.5" 480 GB SATA III

480 GB, 2.5'', SATA III 6.0Gbps, 3D NAND

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Verbatim 2.5'' SATA III 7mm solid state drives can revitalise the performance of your system. Using the latest 3D NAND technology they offer the perfect way to upgrade from either hard drive or an older SSD. Expand the lifetime of your laptop or PC Breathe new life into an older system by replacing a tired hard drive or a legacy 2D NAND SSD with a Vi500 S3 SSD. Recommended for professional installation. Enhance performance High speed 3D NAND flash chips combined with the latest generation controller will improve the response times of your system. From faster start up, shut down and loading times to smooth multi-tasking, you will benefit from increased productivity. Tough and Durable Verbatim SSD's have no moving parts of delicate components so unlike hard drives they are resistant to bumps and shocks. Cool and efficient As Verbatim SSD's are quieter and generate less heat than hard drives, your laptop will run for longer on a single charge.
480 GB, 2.5'', SATA III 6.0Gbps, 3D NAND
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